Product Manager

Who Am I?

I’m Kloe, 27, based in Essex. I joined Apart of Me in May 2020.

I have a cat and a corn snake. No, they don’t play together. :)

Why am I here?

I had a desire to apply the skills I have learned in my full-time job towards a good cause which I felt strongly about. I signed up to a well-known volunteering website but struggled to pin down anything I cared about enough to work for, for free (I’ll be honest!).

What I hadn’t realised was how much my early bereavement (I lost my Dad unexpectedly at the age of 10) actually was ‘a part of me’. So, when I stumbled on this advert, it was almost a calling (I know, it’s cheesy!).

I’m really lucky to be here and really pleased that I’ve found such a pertinent cause to channel my efforts, and I really look forward to making a valuable and positive contribution here, alongside this wonderful team.