Employee Coach

Your role/title at Apart of Me:

Employee Coach - my role is to work with our volunteers to help them to grow and achieve the best possible volunteering experience.

How are you involved with Apart of Me?

I am passionate about helping people realise and unlock their full potential and I am also an accredited Instructor member with MHFA ( Mental Health First Aid England ) to deliver Mental Health First Aid and feel very privileged to be part of the Apart of Me team.

Is there someone or something that you love that isn’t here anymore?

My Nan, who I was very close to as a young boy and my Stepfather, Barry who died of cancer nearly 18 years ago and who taught me how to be kind, generous and humble by showing me every day… My biggest regret is that I never told them both how much I loved them and how they shaped me positively as a human being.

What is guaranteed to make you laugh?

My 4 boys (they are aged between 11 and 18) and they certainly keep me grounded and make fun of me a lot too…

List some silly facts about you:

I often have a full-blown conversation with my Cockapoo, Obi by talking to him and then answering for him in a different voice…

I do bedtime stories for my youngest son, Sam and have a suite of different voices and accents to keep him entertained…

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

To remember what is really important in life and that no-one has “I wish I worked more..” written on their gravestone.