Let's talk about a taboo

A child loses a parent every 22 minutes in the UK.

Grief does not discriminate. Many young people face the tragedy of losing a loved one - yet they are often left out of conversations about death and grief. Not grieving fully or openly can put them at risk of facing further challenges later in life.

25% of under 20s who take their own life have experienced childhood bereavement.

We can’t change how many young people lose someone they love - but we can help them to find a way through their grief towards a brighter future.

Apart of Me solves one of the hardest challenges any parent can face: how to help your children grieve. We are here to support young people and their families through the heartbreak and confusion of grief, and help them learn to live fully despite their loss.

A guide to help young people navigate their grief

Apart of Me is a charity dedicated to supporting bereaved children, young people, and parents. Our aim is to be your trusted guide through grief, helping you to explore, understand, accept and articulate your experience of grief and the wide range of emotions connected to it. We empower you to work with ‘difficult’ emotions and to discover your own strength and wisdom hidden in the darkest of places.

At the core of what we do is our multi-award-winning therapeutic game, which was co-created by experts in child psychology and bereaved young people. It translates bereavement-counselling techniques into a magical 3D world and is totally free to use.

Grief counselling is expensive and not appealing or available to a lot of young people, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds. More young people are turning to social media to process their grief, but what they find isn’t necessarily fit for purpose.

That’s why we created Apart of Me - a unique experience that is available to young people whenever they need, talks their language, and has been designed specially for them in a format they can engage with.

Apart of Me is a safe space available at all times, a place where a young person can begin to understand their grief at a pace that suits them, remember the person they have lost, and hear from other young people who know what it is like to lose someone you love.

Apart of Me works in partnership with some of the major Child Bereavement charities in the UK including Child Bereavement UK, Grief Encounter and Hospice UK. We have also won multiple awards and industry recognition.

The game was named Best Youth Focused Emotional Support Application at the Global Health & Pharma Technology Awards and received a Points of Light Award from the Prime Minister. We were also a finalist at the Tech4Good Awards and shortlisted for a BAFTA Award. Apart of Me has been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Huffington Post, and ITN.

We’ve been awarded the Orcha Health App Quality Mark, been included in the Welsh Government’s Mental Health Toolkit, received a recommendation on this list of Notable Digital Media For Children from the US, and to top it all off Louis received an award on behalf of Apart of Me from the Prime Minister's Office.

Who is it for?

Young people who have lost a parent or other close relative, also those who have someone important in their life with a terminal illness.

Our journey so far

Apart of Me was first launched in 2018 following a successful fundraising campaign. Since then:

  • The game has been downloaded more than 80,000 times
  • It has been used by people in more than 50 countries across the world
  • It has had a consistently high rating of around 4.7 on the UK app store.

What people are saying

This game is beautiful. It helped me a lot in my time of need. It has calmed my anxiety down tremendously. The rock pool is so useful, I go there when I wake up to start my day nice and when I go to sleep. The stories are my favorite part, I listen to one whenever I can. Thank you for this game, I love it so much.

- Rosabella, Google Play review

Since being involved in this project, I have been able to find some meaning from all of those dark times.

- Jamie, Bereaved young person

We are sure this game will be a huge success and a vital tool for a 21st Century approach to bereavement.

- Linda Magistris

Chief Executive/Founder, The Good Grief Trust

This game has the ability to change lives and save others.

- William Hunter Howell

Best-selling author of Affable in Adversity

I’ve been using your app with a lot of grieving children and teenagers and it’s just amazing. Congratulations on your very important work.

- Sara

Child Psychologist heading up one of Portugal’s biggest Child Psychology and Complicated Grief Clinics

Wonderful idea!

- Stephen Fry

Golden Globe nominee, actor, comedian, author & TV presenter

One of the best apps possible for young people who are having a tough time.

- User, App Store review

It is such a hard topic to broach with children but the easy layout, look and wonderful content approach it with compassion and dignity.

- Northern Navigator, App Store review

A groundbreaking, beautiful idea and very well executed.

- Jonesy, App Store review

This game restored my faith in humanity.

- J.D Singh, Google Play review

Wonderful, gentle support for working through loss.

-Common Sense Media

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