This Mental Health Awareness Week, we’re all being encouraged to spread kindness. Some of your usual sources of happiness may seem far away right now but did you know something as simple as an act of kindness has the power to make us happy?

One way to be kind to yourself and others is to share the story of your grief. By telling the story of a difficult time you’ve been through, you have the power to show others in similar situations that they are not alone.

The importance of sharing your grief

If you’re grieving, sharing your story can help make sense of what has happened and establish meaning in the new world you have found yourself in. Your story can also give others hope when they need it the most. It’s these stories that make the Cave in the Apart of Me mobile game feel safe – a place of shared healing. If you are not yet familiar with the game, the Cave is a place of reflection where players can listen to real stories of love and loss, told by the voices of children and young people.

To help spread hope and kindness during these uncertain times, we want to share stories of grief relating to COVID-19 for a new Cave within the game. Have you lost someone due to COVID-19 or during the pandemic? Were you already grieving a loss before, and the pandemic has shaped your journey differently? If you would like to share your experience of grief during the pandemic please email your story to us:

And if you don’t feel ready to tell your story just yet, we’ll still be here for you. Let us know how we can help you.