Apart Of Me Guides Team

We are Apart of Me's guides, those players who decided to become part of the organisation after completing the game to contribute to its mission of transforming grief into compassion. Our aim is to help all those on the same path we once went and keep the game informed by our experience and perspectives! For this, we offer our support in a multitude of ways, for example in game development, resource creation, promotion, and community building through our feedback in co-design workshops, brainstorming, or with our own projects. Sometimes, we also act as ambassadors for Apart of Me.

We are on discord

Our discord platform is a creative, interactive, and safe space. We can discuss anything from chaotic thoughts we've had to 3am or how we're feeling after a long day of work. We welcome anyone who wants to talk to others in a similar situation, and it's completely low pressure in terms of how much you want to join in. We would all absolutely love having more members on our team, as we are a small, friendly bunch who welcome any new thoughts, takes, and ideas! Discord is a very easy space to interact in, and although we don't meet in person, we still succeed in listening and responding to thoughts on grief and in a sensitive and kind way.

What it means to be Apart of Me guide

There is something really special about being involved in a project which I know is going to help so many children and young people. Being a guide allows me to help those who are in a position I was once in. My Dad died when I was 8 years old and having the AOM app would've transformed the way I was able to express how I was feeling. This resource is vital for those who are grieving and the fact I get to be a part of it is like seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I have experienced and felt the same overwhelming sadness and pain bereavement brings, so by being a guide I can show how you learn to grow and cope with grief and the emotions that come with it. Being a guide also provides community and that is crucial to those who think they're on their own.


For me, being a guide at Apart of Me means being able to support those who I needed to get out of my grief some years ago. It means to me to listen, reflect, and give back from my experience to aid those in the same despair I found myself in once. It means to use all that happened to me to have a positive impact, to redefine and turn it into a source of good instead of leaving it a painful scar.


Examples of our action

We are building the guides' community to make meaningful connections and together do something beautiful in the world. Join us!

Do you feel ready to take the next step in your grief journey? Do you want to become a part of our group focused on giving back and supporting others in their darkest hours?

Then we would love to hear from you! Please please contact ada@apartofme.app and we will get in touch.