The world has been shut down by the pandemic - and we find ourselves stranded at home on our own desert islands. We can’t get in our sailboats to see our friends on neighbouring islands - there’s no seaplane coming to take us on a day out - and we can’t even go to school! So it’s not all bad!

This quarantine is an opportunity. We can build some serious survival skills and mental health superpowers while we are self-isolated on our desert islands! Not only will you be able to use these tools to get through the stress of self-isolation - you’ll be able to share them and become a guide for people around you.

Get involved!

#IslandsApart is a 10 day isolation challenge surrounding self care, wellbeing and helping others.

Would you like to turn your self-isolation home into a magical desert island full of adventures? Would you like to learn some fun, relaxing things you can do to turbocharge your mental health while we all have to stay home?

Is that a big hearty YES? Or even a I’m-not-in-the-mood-right-now-but-maybe-later? That’s great!

Feeling strong and resilient in ourselves – and connected to people stranded on their own desert islands - will get us through this. We are so lucky to have social media keeping us all together - let’s use our imaginations to make the most of it!

#IslandsApart begins on Monday 20th April on Instagram and Facebook. You can start anytime, just go to day 1 on our instagram grid and start from there!

With many thanks to Rob Davis and Playniac for helping us come up with this fantastic challenge!